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Black wolf in Fall colors  (digital oil paint/canvas texture) 20x30Wolf PupGrey Wolf and wolf pupGrey wolf on logWolf (digital oil painting)wolf howlingwolf pup in treeStanding Tallwolf fall portraitWolf pose by berriesGrey wolf by pondGrey wolf duohowling grey wolfA grey wolf in the woodswolf pup at sunsetwolf pup in waterA grey wolf in the shadowsa grey wolf stalks at sunsetA Wolf postureSunset stroll in the woods

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Guestbook for Wolves
Sia Morisson(non-registered)
Let us make sure that all the changes that one would see over here will be cover up for all the repetitive designs that we are usually bored seeing since a long time. I hope it will inspire more people in being creative.
jessica a oliver
thank you so much so awesome to go through almost as good as being there maybe some day I can purchase .....
Sussi S
Beautiful pictures with beautiful Wolves <3 I love them all :)
maria luis zuzarte(non-registered)
Those photos are just amazing...I love them all....<3
Daniel Behm(non-registered)
This whole series Rocks......Just Excellent on all accounts...... Your giving me a real Itch I am going to need to scratch, I wanna gooooo.rite now... I think a Groupshoot here would be a HUGEEEE hit.
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