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The vast majority of the eagle images in this gallery are from eastern Iowa and the Mississippi River area
Screamin' (American Bald) EagleJuvenile Bald EagleThe Eagle has Landed...Flying FishermanIowa eagle January 2010Carry out !Iowa eagle 4- January 2010Attempted Theft!Flying High!The Catch!A rare miss and an embarassed eagleHungry EagleJuvenile bald eagleQuick turn for foodJust Flyin'Flying Through the TreesThe Classic Tree PoseSuper EagleThe GetawayBack to Base

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Lori Ann Opper(non-registered)
Your Photos are Awesome!!!!!! I Love the Bears!!!!! Every since I saw my First bear cub in the Wild Oct.2010. Have Loved them ever Since!!! It was in the Great Smoky Mountains!!! The Eagles are Gorgeous!!!!!
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