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911M alpha male  12x18Badlands bighorn ewe (1 of 1)Badlands burrowing owls (1 of 1)Badlands formations 12x18 (1 of 1)bald eagle at sunrise  12x18Bald eagle sunrise YNP (1 of 1)BHS sunset 12 x18  (1 of 1)BHSheep YNP (1 of 1)big horns in winter 12 x18  (1 of 1)Bighorn sheep lamb sunrise12x18bighorn sunset  12x18 (1 of 1)Bison in road 12x18  (1 of 1)bison in winter 12 x18  (1 of 1)Bison pair  (1 of 1)Black bear cub GSMNP 12x18 (1 of 1)black wolf (1 of 1)YNP Black wolf in snow  12x18Blue Hen falls 12x18 (1 of 1)Bull elk  12 x18  (1 of 1)Bull elk  12x18 oil paint

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