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black (1 of 1)Somewhere (3 of 3)Somewhere (3 of 3)Somewhere (2 of 3)Yellowstone bison with rainbow 12x18Eastern BluebirdPeace 11x14Chapel of the Transfiguration 12x18GSMNPMPmustang TRNP (1 of 1)wresting bears (YNP) with 3rd looking on  12x18Glacier wildflowers (1 of 1)YNP eagle pairGrizzly Boar  12x18Chapel of the Transfiguration  12x18BHSheep YNP (1 of 1)The  Gateway Arch at sunset 12x18Pronghorn twin fawns (1 of 1)Lanterman's Mill 12x18 (1 of 1)Horses of the Tetons 12x18

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