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10x20 moose in tetonsMoose in the Tetonselk in paradise valleyPheasantScreamingeagleAll my ducks in a row2926 spirit howling Lamar ValleyYellowstone bear by treeGrizzly Boar YellowstoneGrey Wolf Yellowstone  4x6 ratio (20x30)Durango-Silverton trainGrizzly #399Grizzly #399 oil paint#399 and quad cubs#399 and quad cubsGrizzly #399# 399 and  quad cubsYNP bison crossing 10x20black wolf YNPTetons in Autumn

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Bill Peterson
Truly amazing photos. Now this is my opinion but 99% of the pictures are from idaho riht (ha, ha)
Seriously you have a great talent and eye!
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