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Grizzly Boar YellowstoneGrey Wolf Yellowstone  4x6 ratio (20x30)Durango-Silverton trainGrizzly #399Grizzly #399 oil paint#399 and quad cubs#399 and quad cubsGrizzly #399# 399 and  quad cubsYNP bison crossing 10x20black wolf YNPTetons in AutumnYellowstone black wolf pupcoyote and ravens  8x10Yellowstone Lower fallsbull elk rutTeton's Band TRNPblack wolf in falling snow1118F 20x30Yellowstone wolves (oil paint texture)

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Bill Peterson
Truly amazing photos. Now this is my opinion but 99% of the pictures are from idaho riht (ha, ha)
Seriously you have a great talent and eye!
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