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ATB (1 of 1)-2ATB (1 of 1)-3bald eagle at sunrise-moonset 12x18Bison cow and calfGSMNPMPSittin' Pretty (YNP Grizzly cub, Snow)Glacier wildflowers (1 of 1)moose winter (1 of 1)Chapel of the Transfiguration  12x18BHSheep YNP (1 of 1)Mare and foal 11x14Grand Teton autumn 12x18Grist Mill Fall 12x18 horizontalOxbow Bend at dawn (1 of 1)Marietta OH and Ohio River 12x18Montana Rainbow 12x18Gateway Arch (300dpi)Lamar Canyon wolf - Twin 12x18ATBbears (1 of 1)snake river overlook 12x18

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